8 Best Car Seats To Keep Your Child Safe

If you’ve ever looked at child safety equipment, you’ll know that the car seat is actually an essential piece. And, if you want to take your baby home from the hospital in a car, you’ll need it from day one. If you live in the US, all 50 states have laws that require you properly restrain your child. However, it is your child’s safety after all, and you shouldn’t even need a law to tell you that.

The best time to get a car seat is usually between your sixth and eighth month of pregnancy. You might think this is a bit early, but trust me, there are plenty of factors to consider, and you will need some time on deciding which one is the best one for you, and which one is right for the job.

Every seat you buy new, which is on the market currently, has to meet specific standards, meaning that technically, it will be safe. However, the best car seat, and the safest one, is actually the one that fits your child best, as well as your car, and is the easiest to use. Below you’ll find a list of the top 8 car seats on the market. Take a look, and make your choice!

Top 8 Car Seats on the market

Graco Extend2Fit

The Graco Extend2Fit is one of the best-selling car seats for kids. And rightfully so. The first thing that works towards making it so popular is the affordability. A great deal of parents love the easy to use harness adjustment system. And lastly, it’s safer than typical car seats.

Maxi Cosi Pria 85

There are a lot of features that help distinguish the Maxi Cosi Pria 85 from its competitors. A highly comfortable and safe car seat for your child, the Pria 85 also comes with a 9 harness height adjustment option for increased efficiency and coverage. Now, no kid is left out feeling uncomfortable.

Safety 1st Grow And Go

The Safety First Grow and Go does what it’s named like: it grows with your child. From an infant to a toddler and further to a child ready to ride on booster — the Safety 1st Grow and Go will be there. Coming with great customer satisfaction, it’s highly recommended.

Graco Nautilus 80 Elite

The Graco Nautilus 80 Elite is a model that builds up on its predecessors. 22 lbs to 120 lbs. There is no way your child won’t fit the Nautilus 80 Elite. Developed with precision in the United States, the 80 Elite has what it takes to be called one of the best car seats for children.

Graco Tranzitions

The Graco Tranzitions has reasons why it ranks among one of the best car seats for kids on the market right now. It is 3-in-1, as the name specifies, and can work for children of a vast age group. Overall, taking all three positions into account, it can work for 22 – 100 pounds.

Clek Fllo

The Clek Fllo 2017 edition is one of the more controversial car seat products for kids. There have been some problems reported. But note that they have updated the lineage with better materials and the newest models are not only safe but work exceptionally well as a convertible car seat for your children.

Britax Pioneer

The Britax Pioneer car seat for children is the Amazon’s Choice for American parents who want safety and comfort for their young ones. It is a 2-booster car seat and comes with safe cell impact protection. The impact absorption, you should know, is among the best in the price range. 82% of customers rated it 5- or 4-stars.

Britax Marathon G4.1

The Britax Marathon G4.1 comes with all the usual perks of Britax car seats. Safe Cell Impact Protection, Impact Absorbing Base and Side Impact Protection, and on and on. With the safety the G4.1 promises and the ease of use it has, it is easily among the top contenders for most popular car seats for American parents.

How to choose car seats

Car seats don’t only have to be safe. They need to be much more than just that. A car seat that is extremely safe but uncomfortable for your little one is never a good option. In the same way, a car seat with a ton of features to make it more user-friendly but no solid promises for the safety of the child is a very dangerous product.
So, essentially what you need is a balance of safety, comfort, and ease of use, mostly. Further, a car seat is going to be a companion to your child. That makes it important to choose a car seat that he or she will like. From an infant to a toddler, a car seat can go through a long period of time. If your young one doesn’t like it much, he or she might cause a havoc whenever you try to put him or her in it.

You should go over to the best products that are reviewed. Looking through those reviews, you will find out what to expect from your car seat. After that point, it gets easier. You just have to match the expectations from your requirements and the choice will be much easier to make.

Many car seats are popular among American parents and are bestsellers. This, however, is not an absolute hint at it being perfect for just about any child. Therefore, don’t make any decision before exclusively analyzing the products and reading their reviews.

What makes a good car seat?

Some might say the padding, while some others might say the protection. Many parents enjoy the different features that make the car seat fun to use, while yet other parents enjoy the ease of use and how easy a particular car seat makes it for the child to be put in and taken out of it. Different people, in general, have different opinions as to what makes a good car seat.

However, a good car seat is the one that has a balanced structure. What does that mean? Let’s break it down.
First of all, the build quality of the car seat has to be sturdy yet light. Second, the child shouldn’t find any discomfort even if sitting in it for longer periods of time. Third, a car seat is expected to be a long-term companion in many cases, especially if you’re investing into a costly one. In that case, the car seat also has to be enjoyable and somewhat interesting for your young one. How many extra features does the car seat pack? That, we think, is the last thing to consider when figuring out what makes a good car seat.

Safety, comfort, ease of use, and look-and-feel: these have to be in a good balance to make a good car seat.
The features part comes in the last. Suppose there is a car seat that has a perfect blend of all the basic ingredients of a good car seat, but lacks a cup holder. And then there’s one that has a cup holder and an increased number of height adjustments but compromised safety. We think you know which one is going to be better.


As you know by now, having a proper balance between safety, comfort, ease of use, and look-and-feel is important for a car seat to be suitable for your young one. And fortunately, having a proper balance is not hard at all. Many manufacturers product car seats that have this balance to some degree. You just have to read their reviews and pick one for your own. At the same time, however, having terrible balance is also not hard and many products go wrong there. All the more reason to why you should read the product reviews.

Once you’ve done that, making the right choice won’t be very hard. You can also make a list of things you’re looking for and then sit to compare. The top products you choose can be easily compared based on those factors.
See, it is not really important to go through all the products in your budget before determining which one to buy. There are some parents who can do that, and it’s good if you can. However, mostly that is impossible. There will be a product after your first few reviews that will steal your heart.

If you think you’ve come across just the right car seat for your child, believe that intuition. As a parent, you know your young one the best and not the different companies that manufacture these car seats and write their descriptions. After all, every child is unique and they can’t possibly know what your child wants.