Britax Pioneer Review

You may not be a big fan of Britax car seats yet, but once you’ve tried one of their car seats, you’re sure to be one. You will discover that these Brixton Pioneer car seats are a breeze to install compared to other brands and using them won’t be a challenge. You’ll also love the fact that the car seats do not have any rethread harness. To know more about this particular car seat, read further into this Britax Pioneer review.

If you’re wondering what makes a very good car seat, it ought to be something that can easily be installed and used with ease every single time. There are other things to keep an eye out for, such as a 5 point harness, a good possibility to adjust things, even a cup holder. These things are all important, for anything from a rear facing convertible car seat, to an infant car seat or even a convertible booster seat. As far as brands go, you will find Chicco, Evenflo, Diono, Perego, Recaro, Graco, and Britax.

The Britax brand is known to fit these criteria. While Britax introduced the Pioneer and the Frontier at the same time, the former was able to get more attention because of its feature, the ClickTight system. This system allows easy installation and makes great value for your money. This is the only difference that the Pioneer and the Frontier has. But in this review, we’ll take a look at what the Britax Pioneer has to offer and why it is still one of the best car seats to consider for your kids.

Britax Pioneer Review

What Makes the Britax Pioneer a Great Choice?

This car seat is a good option for those who are more willing to put on a little more effort when it comes to the installation of the car seat. The Britax Pioneer is also more affordable than the Britax Frontier by about $100. This is something you definitely have to consider when choosing between the two.

It may be a bit tricky to install the seat belt, but it is almost the same process with other car seats from other brands. You just have to refer to the manual and follow the instructions carefully. While there are parts that do not seem very obvious, you’re sure to figure it out. To help you in that aspect, here are some notes about the installation.

Some Notes on Installing the Britax Pioneer

Here are some of the steps that you will be taking when installing the car seat.

There is a plastic panel which covers the area where, if it were the Frontier, the ClickTight system would be. The seat belt then goes over this area.
For the LATCH system’s lower anchors, they would have to go under that said area.
There is manual available, of course, but these steps may not be very obvious, so it’s best to take note of these.  Another note to remember is that according to the Pioneer manual, the seat belt and the lower anchors may be routed through the path of the green belt, although, of course, not at the same time. What this means is that there is no distinct belt path for the seat belts or lower anchors for the newer models.

When you open up the cover, you will readily see the belt path. This makes it easier to thread the belt through. Once you have threaded it, you can push the seat downwards and then remove slack using the seat belt. It may take you some effort in pushing and tugging the car seat, but you’ll be able to install it securely. The effort will surely be worth your while.

Car Seat Features

The Britax Pioneer features two cup holders as well as a small cubby which is about the same size as that of a juice box. This cubby is at the end of the cup holders. This is a great feature especially if your child is fond of keeping an assortment of snacks or small toys. Your child can definitely make the car seat his or her own, and long rides won’t be a problem as your child’s things are just within reach.

The car seat has a no-rethread harness, making it easier to manipulate the strap height. If you have another person riding with you, you can just take hold of the handle, give it a squeeze, and then push down or pull up to make adjustments. This is definitely a feature you will love. You don’t need to take out the whole seat just to make adjustments to the slot height. You may encounter this challenge with car seats from other brands, so this feature of the Britax Pioneer is certainly a good one. No need to sweat it out just to uninstall and make adjustments.

Booster Mode Option

You’re sure to like how the Britax Pioneer performs if put in the booster mode. If your rider is very specific about how the seat feels for him or her, such as if it’s padded enough, you really have to pick a car seat that can satisfy those needs for comfort. The Pioneer is designed to provide the best comfort as well as safety for your child while riding with you.

In converting the car seat into the booster mode, you won’t be facing much of challenge. You’ll be able to simply tuck the harness away while it stays in the car seat. With the crotch buckle, you can flip it over and then tuck it underneath the car seat’s cover. By having the parts stay in the car seat while switching it to different modes allow the process to be easy and simple.

Some Challenges

The belt guides of the car seat are also tucked underneath the seat’s shell. What this means is that for smaller children, it can be somewhat tricky to thread the shoulder. Threading may present a challenge for you. The belt may also be difficult to retract properly once it is in the belt guide. You may opt not to use this car seat in your third row in the booster mode.

However, using it in your car’s second row, you will find that the belt fits nicely and it is also easier to use it in booster mode. The Britax Pioneer only converts into a high back booster and does not have a backless mode option.

Installing the Britax Pioneer may not be a very quick process, but the no rethread harness allows for a smoother installation. Apart from that, another good feature is that you can replace the cover without needing to uninstall the car seat because of the small velcro bits just on the other side of the flap covering the harness.

Pros of Using the Britax Pioneer

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using the Britax Pioneer car seat.

  • You can still use LATCH in booster mode
  • It has the recline mode
  • There is no rethread harness
  • Cover can be removed without uninstalling the car seat
  • It has a two crotch buckle positions
  • It has a push button to lower anchor connectorsBritax Pioneer


Here are some of the cons of this car seat.

  • When compared to the Britax Frontier, it is the stripped down counterpart.
  • It has lower heights for the harness.
  • It doesn’t have features such as the EZ buckle pad or the ClickTight system.
  • Installation can be a bit quirky as the seat belt has to go over the belt path’s plastic panel while the anchors of the LATCH have to go under.


Overall, despite the few cons listed above, the Britax Pioneer car seat is still a good option for your child. It will work well as a high back booster, and your kids will feel comfortable using them. The car seat is very easy to use one you have had it installed. Even if the Britax Frontier gets more attention, the Pioneer is still an excellent option for those who want an affordable but still a good-performing car seat. You have to be willing to work with a rather traditional method of installation though. Apart from that, your child’s safety and comfort will be met by the Britax Pioneer car seat.


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