How To Clean Your Car Seat

You don’t have to wait for spring to begin cleaning your closets and your house. Cleaning ought to be a more regular thing, not just in your home but for your car as well. When cleaning your car, it’s not enough that it shiny and spotless on the exterior. The interiors have to be cleaned as well, and this includes your child’s car seat. Here, we’ll share with you some steps on how to clean car seat.

Importance of Cleaning the Car Seat

When the family is out and about, the kids do all sorts of activities while remaining in their car seats. And just like almost everything that children touch, the car seat is bound to get dirty sooner rather than later. When cleaning the car seat, you will see all sorts of mysterious debris. The car seat is sure to have juice or milk spills and snack crumbs, making your child’s car seat a dirt magnet.

The purpose of having the car seat cleaned is not just to make it look and smell nice. It is also an important factor for safety. If you don’t clean the car seat, over time, it will accumulate grime and dirt which can prevent the car seat from functioning to its optimal standard. This is why it is recommended that you ought to periodically clean the buckle and car seat to always keep them in the best possible shape.

How to Clean a Car Seat

Cleaning the car seat is a lot easier than you think. You shouldn’t be daunted with the task. We’ll show you here how to go about it.

how to clean car seat

Cleaning the Cover

First, remove the cover from your child’s car seat. In the user guide of the car seat, there are instructions on how to remove and then replace the cover.
When you have successfully removed the car seat cover, wash it by hand using mild soap and cold water. Make sure that you don’t put it in the washing machine or use bleach on it.
Line dry or lie the car seat cover flat so that it won’t shrink. Never iron or machine dry the car seat cover.

Cleaning the Buckle

First, you have to take the buckle from the car seat. In the user guide, there are instructions on how to remove as well as how to replace the car seat buckle.
Rinse the buckle thoroughly using warm running water. Make sure that you do not use soap, lubricants, solvents, and household detergents. Also, don’t soak the buckle.
Test the car seat buckle by having it fastened and unfastened to the individual buckle tongues on both sides. Do this until you get to hear a click when you insert the buckle tongue. If ever you weren’t able to hear clicks for the buckle tongues, you may have to repeat the process of cleaning the car seat buckle.

Replacing Some Parts

If you assess that your child’s car seat is too dirty already that cleaning it just won’t be enough, check with your car seat manufacturer to find out if they over some replacement part such as harnesses, buckles, and cover sets, as well as other parts. Most of the car seat manufacturers have stores online already, so it will be a breeze to check if there are parts available.

Invest in Travel Accessories to Minimize the Mess

To help you in minimizing future clean up, you can also check if the manufacturer of your car seat offers travel accessories. These travel accessories are designed in such a way that it can protect both the car seat as well as the vehicle seat. Look for waterproof liners that have deep sides and can securely fit into the car seat. They can hold crumbs and liquids, preventing them from reaching into the car seat. Also, see if the manufacturer has seat protectors for the vehicle seat with front seat guard hanging over the vehicle seat’s edge so that you won’t have any problem with your kid’s dirty shoes.


These are some of the steps and point that you should take note of when cleaning your child’s car seat. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Always refer to the manual to check on the proper and best way of cleaning the car seat. Again, cleaning it is not only to make it more hygienic for your child’s use. It is also for the car seat to function as best as it could. Regularly cleaning the car seat can ensure that it will be performing well for as long as your child needs it.


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