Graco Extend2fit Review

What does a parent wish to stop worrying about? Well, your answer might be something else. But there’s one thing that we all need. And that is ensuring our child’s safety. When you’re driving, you need a car seat for your kid. But don’t stop there. You need a car seat that’s efficient, will stay strong for long, and ensure that your child remains safe and comfortably put throughout a journey or the daily commute. In our Graco Extend2Fit review, you’ll find why this is the product you should go for, and why it tops our list of best car seats you could buy today.

As far as an infant car seat goes, there are plenty of things that you should keep an eye out for. Does it have a 5 point harness, does it have a well-made latch system, does it maybe have a cup holder, all of these things are important. And, there are plenty of brands that offer various combinations of these things, such as Britax, with the Britax Marathon, Britax Boulevard and Britax Roundabout, Diono, with their Diono Radian, Evenflo, with models such as the Evenflo Symphony, Evenflo Symphony LX, Evenflo Triumph or Evenflo Tribute LX, and Chicco, with the Chicco Nextfit, Chicco Nextfit Zip, and Chicco Keyfit 30.

Graco Extend2fit Review

Our Graco Extend2Fit review

Generally speaking, most car seats for kids will give you the basic facilities. This, however, is more than just basic stuff. 4 pounds or more? Your baby is eligible for this car seat. The Extend2Fit also has a kind of relaxing aura around it. You somehow just trust it. We have tested multiple top-of-the-line car seats for kids but this one just strikes out on that front.

After a few drives, even a new parent will feel safe about their kid when in the car seat. It happens automatically.

From rear-facing to front-facing: as your little one grows, so does the car seat change to accommodate him or her. You will have plenty of time to adjust the car seat and make it suitable for your kid. Also, making sure that you know all the functions and details of the product will ensure that your child has a more comfortable journey while in the car seat.

It’s very easy to get your kid in and out from the car seat thanks to the no-rethread harness and the 10-position headrest system. The simplicity of the adjustments is just amazing. As clear from the no-rethread descriptor, you don’t have to rethread the harness straps. You can easily adjust the height of the headrest and harness.

Another thing that absolutely stole our heart was the size. It’s compact and very easy to fit. At just 15 inches by 15 inches, the base of the car seat is among the best ones out there. The weight, however, is on the upper end. At 23.5 pounds, it is not what you would usually call a lightweight car seat. But that is okay because that weight isn’t too much (some car seats are heavier and thus a burden to carry around) while being enough to ensure that the material is strong and safe enough for your little one.

The cushioning is perfect. There’s not a lot of padding, as in some car seats. That might be something that you prefer. But if the car seat has enough, you frankly don’t need anymore. After a point, more padding doesn’t make the traveling any more comfortable but just adds to your troubles (with the cleaning, packing-unpacking, and overall size increase). From the base and backside to the sides and shoulder region – all areas are comfortable. All around, it’s a well-cushioned car seat for your little one.

Features of the product

As we made clear in the last section, the Graco Extend2Fit is an exceptional product. It is more than just the basic car seat. It not only increases the comfort for the kid but eases your parenting as well.

Coming with the usual six reclining positions for the comfort of your kid, the Extend2Fit has some amazing features under the belt, literally. It will be a breeze to use it and keep your kid safe and comfortable throughout bumpy or long rides as well.

First of all, it’s a convertible car seat. That means the Graco Extend2Fit works both as a rear-facing car seat and as a front facing car seat. We can’t stress enough how this is a huge bonus and advantage on top of non-convertible car seats.

Secondly, the Extend2Fit is a long-term companion or a more versatile one. It works from infancy to toddler age. So, it’s long-term if you have just one kid. And it’s more versatile because you won’t have to purchase multiple car seats for different kids with different ages. Loads of packing and unpacking troubles done for, right there.

The Graco Extend2Fit covers kids from 22 pounds to 65 pounds. If you think about it, you might believe it to be too much. But that’s not an overstatement. The manufacturers know what parents need. A safe seat for a kid. Kids can be different when it comes to weight, height, and shape. From an infant to a toddler, the Extend2Fit makes sure that you get a good experience for your kid at every point.

One more thing we would like to outline is the build quality of the car seat. It has a steel reinforcing as the frame. That not only ensures safety but also ensures comfort for the kid.

Lastly, the harness has a lot of space. Storage space is really a problem with many car seats. So, although the Extend2Fit might not be coming with extra storage features (which some families dig a lot), it sure comes with an accommodating harness storage. What’s more, it’s seamlessly easy and convenient to use the harness storage.

Taking everything together, the Extend2Fit beats other competitors right out of the water by its ease of use and comfort. In other words, this is a heavily user-friendly product. We would recommend nothing else if you’re a new parent or fail at planning ahead.

Graco Extend2fit

Customer feedback on the product

Customers generally appreciate how comfortable this car seat makes their kid. Combining the ease of use, safety pointers, and the great harness, this makes for an amazing product out there on the market.

Problems have been rare. However, there have been some. Some parents claim that the straps are too uneven and not tight enough. That is most probably the defect of a particular product. Some also complain that the harness doesn’t tighten enough.

Still, 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon sure means something. More than a thousand customers have written reviews and most of them are very much satisfied with the product. You will have a smooth sailing just like them.

Color doesn’t match the actual product. The actual color is slightly browner than the shade in the picture on Amazon.

Wrapping up

The first thing about the car seat is its affordability. It is most probably well under your budget. That doesn’t mean that you are compromising on safety, quality, comfort, or any other aspect. The Graco Extend2Fit is a well-recommended and fully safe car seat for your kid. Just read the manual and follow the instructions about carrying your kid in the car.

Keep your little one or little ones safe by making sure you don’t go over the height and weight limits set by the manufacturers. You never want to do that. Now, let’s come to one important thing. Will it fit in your car? Usually, bigger cards are no problem. But smaller cars might present a challenge in fitting the car seat in. Graco says that they have tested the product with a variety of car types and sizes. However, they can never guarantee that smaller cars are a good option for the Extend2Fit. But more or less, that’s pretty much the universal problem with most of the good car seats.

The easy to use harness storage and height adjustment system are among the best things about the Extend2Fit. Further, the 5-inch extension panel (for increased legroom) is an added bonus. This makes sure your child will have longer and better comfort in rear-facing rides.

With the cup holders and seating comfort of the Extend2Fit, you won’t have any problem with the car seat. It’s not confusing at all while being completely safe. From setting up to using for years on end, the Graco Extend2Fit won’t disappoint you in any way. It is much better than most of the typical car seats that you can get for cheap.

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