Safety 1st Grow And Go Review

Car seats for kids are essential. Parents need to know that their child is safe. They can’t have the worries of more than what’s already their responsibility. And that, dear parent, is precisely why you need to invest in a car seat that not only ensures safety but adds an extra layer of comfort for your child. Read our Safety 1st Grow and Go review to find out more. It’s not just about safety, as we said. Comfort is important. In our Safety First Grow and Go review, we also talk about how it’s one of the best possible options for a car seat nowadays.

Before we dive in, there are plenty of options to choose from, whether you need an infant car seat with a 5 point harness, or a booster seat with a latch system, or a convertible car seat. And, you’ll also find a lot of brands as well. Chicco offers the Chicco Nextfit Zip, Chicco Nextfit and the Chicco Keyfit 30. Britax are another major brand, and they’ve got the Britax Roundabout, Britax Marathon and Britax Boulevard. There’s also Evenflo, with the Evenflo Symphony, Evenflo Symphony LX, Evenflo Triumph and Eveflo Tribute LX, as well as Diono, with the Diono Radian.


Our Safety 1st Grow and Go review

Safety First Grow And Go

The first thing we love about the Grow and Go is that it delivers on its promise of growth. It grows with your child. Rear-facing, front-facing, and then the belt positioning booster. This allows for a variety of kids to easily fit in the car seat.

This is quite an easy to use car seat. You can snap open the cushioning and wash it separately. All parts are machine-washable. Besides that, using the various functions of the Grow and Go are fairly easy as well.

The many small things make the Grow and Go a decent product for your money. One small gimmick that caught our eye was the buckle holder feature. You see, there are these straps that hold the buckles on the sides of the car seat. When your kid gets in, you don’t have to “dig in” around the kid to find the buckles. You just find them at the sides, there, without any hassle and strap them up.

There are different options for very young little ones and slightly older ones. The lowest harness position for newborns is 6 inches. This must be separately threaded. This is a different harness position. The lowest no-rethread position for slightly older children is 10 inches.

Installing the car seat in any of the first two positions (rear-facing and front-facing) is very easy. Installing the belt positioning booster mode might be slightly more time-consuming. But it’s worth it. Switching from the harness to the booster mode won’t be difficult once you’ve had a bit of practice doing it multiple times.

It is very easy to put your child in the car seat and get him or her out of it. It is mostly because of the harness holders that keep the harness in place so that you can get your child in or out without the hassle of managing the harness at the same time.

Features of the product

The specifications for the three stages of the convertible are: rear-facing stage from 5 pounds to 40 pounds; front-facing stage from 22 pounds to 65 pounds; and the belt-positioning booster from 40 pounds to 100 pounds. The car seat is amazingly versatile.

Safety 1st Grow And Go Review

Now, it is time to expand upon one of the features that competitors don’t usually have. The Grow and Go transforms into a belt-positioning booster. This is ideal for older kids. However, you should know that although it is a belt-positioning booster, it has a back. The back doesn’t detach. So, in a way, it’s a backed booster. If you’re thinking a general booster for your kid, this might not be the solution.

The Grow and Go offers a variety of special perks. Standing atop them is the cover removal mechanism. You can easily remove the cover without having to need to remove the harness or dislocate seat. This is a huge bonus if you think about it. If you are regularly out with your kid, this will save a lot of valuable time and effort.

The Grow and Go comes with additional padding. This works as the body and head support for further comfort and safety for the youngest little ones. When you start using the no-rethread harness (meaning when the child is able to sit up a bit in the second and third recline positions), you can do away with the additional body support.

Let’s talk about the weight and height ranges. The weight range for the rear-facing position is 5 pounds to 40 pounds. The height for this stage is 19 inches to 40 inches. Further, the front-facing weight range is 22 pounds to 65 pounds. The height range for the front-facing stage is 29 inches to 49 inches. The backed belt-positioning booster weight range is from 40 pounds to 100 pounds. The height range for the same is 43 inches to 52 inches. The lower anchor weight limit for the car seat is 40 pounds. The highest harness position in the Grow and Go is 16.5 inches while the highest booster guide position is 18.5 inches. You must make sure that you are under these limits.

Customer feedback on the product

82% of the people who purchased the Safety First Grow and Go Convertible have rated the product 5-stars or 4-stars. There have been more than 1,100 reviews and most of them positive. “There is surely something about this car seat that makes people love it so much.” That was our initial thought before purchasing it. Of course, we have had heard nice remarks about the Safety 1st Grow and Go beforehand as well.

There is a set of popular car seat for kids at this price range. Safety, efficiency, comfort, ease of use, and the price point – these factors are the meat of the comparison. Most customers who have purchased more than one car seat in their lifetime have clearly hinted towards the Grow and Go being the best among the competing product.

Installing the Grow and Go is another aspect that the customers love. It’s easy and quick, at least for the rear-facing and front-facing positions.

Safety 1st Grow And Go

The first-hand experience with the Safety First Grow and Go

In this section, we will talk about how parents fare with the Grow and Go for the first time. Is it hard? What difficulties do they face? What is absolutely lovable?

As the Grow and Go 3-in-1 is a successor to the once-popular Alpha Omega Elite, many families know about it. In fact, many parents right now might have sat in the predecessor of the Grow and Go themselves at some point. Nevertheless, parents get a feeling of comfort and ease when they use the Grow and Go for the first time.

As for safely, new parents are always panicky when it comes to leaving their kids on a car seat. This soon becomes better. It takes a while to trust the car seat.

Another thing that many remark is how easy it is to install the Grow and Go. There’s the manual, yes, but what’s more helpful is YouTube videos or online articles about the installation of the Grow and Go.

Further, for long journeys, the Grow and Go is very comfortable for little ones from infants to toddlers.

Safety First Grow And Go Review

Wrapping up the Safety First Grow and Go review

The Safety First car seats have been absolute pleasures for many families. However, the older products used to have unsafe belt-positioning booster functions. The line was soon discontinued. However, the Grow and Go 3-in-1 is the beginning of the new chapter. With a safer and more comfortable design, the Grow and Go is an absolute winner when it comes to comparisons.

From the time your child is an infant to the time when he or she is ready for booster riding, the Grow and Go 3-in-1 will remain a comfortable companion for him or her. The price might be a bit higher than competitors but that’s because most other popular competitors offer only two positions: front-facing and rear-facing.

You must know that all car seats have an expiration time of 10 years. You must not keep using a car seat that’s older than 10 years.

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